I Musei

Museo Archeologico Provinciale “Sigismondo Castromediano”

Very interesting if you want to know the history of Salento during the Messapi period and the Roman period.
It opens from Monday to Saturday, 9:30 – 13:30 and 14:30 – 19:30.
Address: Viale Gallipoli, 28 tel. 0832/307415

Musa – Museo Storico Archeologico

It is an exhibition centre designed for the valorization, educational fruition and dissemination of the results attained by the historians and archaeologists of the University of Salento over several decades.
Opening hours:Monday-Friday 9,00-13,30 Tuesday and Thursday 15.00-17.30
Complesso Studium 2000-Università del Salento-Via di Valesio, 73100 Lecce
tel. 0832.294253

Pinacoteca d’Arte Francescana

The art gallery exhibits paintings of Apulian artists from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century in a villa of 500. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9.00 am – 12.00 am 16.00 pm – 18.30 pm
Via Imperatore Adriano, 79
tel. 0832/312160

Museo Missionario Cinese e di Storia Naturale

The museum is divided into a section of Chinese culture and a Natural History.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday ore 09,00 – 12,00 e 17,00 – 19,00
Via Monte San Michele, 4
tel. 0832/392580

Museo Prov. delle Tradizioni Popolari “Abbazia di Cerrate”

The museum consists of two sections: the first proposes sculptures and architectural fragments of Romanesque, from the Abbey of Santa Maria di Cerrate , the second section is dedicated to the objects, to rural traditions and crafts of the Salento.
Opening hours:Tuesday to Saturday 9-13.30/14.30-19.30, Sunday 9-13



Corte dei musco, 3 - 73100 Lecce
via Ferrante d'Aragona, 17 - 73100 Lecce
Email: info@bbcortedeimusco.it
Cell.: (+39) 380.2443636
or (+39) 347.9756757

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